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RE-Source is a listing of real estate owners, developers, management companies and professional service providers throughout the United States and Canada. To advertise, complete our online registration form

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Listings may be either a Rich Media Corporate page incorporating multi-media techniques to highlight product features and/or a Virtual Business Card (VBC), detailing your professional services and contact information . Contact information includes a MS Outlook and Outlook Express .vcf file link. Link here to see an example of the .vcf file, which would be attached to your VBC.

You might want to consider a Mini-Site

What is a Mini Web Site?

A Mini-Site is simply a direct sales letter (almost always one page) and an order form. No banners ads, or advertising links or multiple product selections. Mini-Sites are effective because they are "direct response sites." It is becoming a popular alternative for driving Net traffic and sales for many Net marketers.

To advertise, complete our online registration form.

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