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"The structural shift to a knowledge based economy has radically changed the future of the North American real estate industry. The urgency to understand the implications of this perpetual societal change has never been more profound. Since real property decisions seem to permeate all levels of business and government, we as an industry need to find better ways of expanding our knowledge, and keeping abreast of emerging trends and management theory. The widening scope of real estate in terms of institutional ownership, the pace of technology, shifting demographic makeup and life styles, simply re-enforce the corporate imperative to become better informed." Forbes J. Rutherford, North American Real Estate Review (1994)

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REmatrix, is a vertical market B2B portal, which offers real estate professionals the ability to communicate, learn, transact, invest, and to manage their business processes with improved efficiency. REmatrix functions as a "one-stop enterprise solutions, transactional and knowledge management aggregator." 

The site leverages the interactive features and global reach of the Internet to create a real estate focused multinational, targeted business-to-business vertical market. Having evolved from the concept of “collaborative networking,” pioneered by the North American Real Estate Review (NARER.COM), the core "raison d'etre" of REmatrix remains the fostering of 'knowledge pools' through community forums and its Private Encrypted Communication Network (PCN).

Catering to individuals with similar professional interests, providing the best value for one's time on the Web, and ensuring the scope of content and services is international, is REmatrix's strategy for attracting advisors, buyers and sellers from around the world.

REmatrix is built on a foundation of content, community, commerce and enterprise solution software. Through a phased site development process, REmatrix will introduce a variety of B2B market hub features. They are:

  • Community based and interest specific discussion,
  • Superior editorial content by industry leaders,
  • Publication and distribution of white papers by industry academics and think tanks,
  • Distance education using accredited curriculum,
  • Access to enterprise management software,
  • Project based private electronic deal rooms,
  • Rich media marketplace detailing products and services,
  • Career center serving an international market,
  • Property syndication clearinghouse,
  • Property and portfolio marketing system,
  • An exclusive Private Communication Network (PCN) for senior investment professionals,
  • Global Commercial Information Exchange powered by 100,000 real estate professionals,
  • Commercial mortgage placement and disposal system,
  • Equity aggregation, matching financial partners with developers.

Not all of the services on REmatrix are proprietary. We are finalizing strategic relationships with several leading software vendors, in order to offer our community members access to a variety of "best of breed web enabled enterprise management tools." The software will be offered in an Application Service Provider framework. We continue to pursue alliances with leading content, service and software providers on the Internet, and are willing to transfer aspects of our technology to allied partners.

 By partnering, REmatrix is able to reach an international community of millions, and still cater to each individual member's most specific needs. For more information on opportunities with REmatrix, please contact us at partnering@rematrix.com

Who Should Join Our Virtual Community of Real Estate Professionals?
  • Executives from financial institutions responsible for commercial and investment real estate lending and financing
  • Pension fund managers, investment managers and others responsible for real estate acquisition and investment performance
  • Property managers, facility managers and others responsible for leasing and managing real estate properties and space
  • Real estate developers including executives responsible for development, marketing, leasing, financing and construction
  • Corporate real estate executives, asset managers responsible for the management of real estate assets and portfolios
  • Federal, state, provincial and municipal politicians and mandarins responsible for public policy, economic development, infrastructure, housing, real estate, urban and environmental planning
  • Real estate brokers specializing in the Industrial Commercial Investment (ICI) market
  • Consultants including planners, appraisers, lawyers and accountants specializing in real estate activities.

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