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RE-Summit is a collaborative discussion forum, which regularly taps into the collective wisdom of its community members. It allows registrants to participate in debates on issues, that directly influence the development, financing, ownership, management and end use of real property. Through RE-Summit, it is my hope, real estate and investment professionals will become more knowledgeable with the issues that affect them. We invite you to become a community member by completing our Guest Registry.

As a member, you have the freedom to acquire information and interact when it suits your schedule day or night. From your office, home or while on the road, you may log onto a menu of seminar topics, retrieve commentary, solicit or offer an opinion. Some discussions may have a defined time frame, while others are continuous. 

Community Potential

In time, REmatrix's RE-Summit Forums will become a comprehensive data warehouse on a myriad of topics - a "knowledge pool" searchable through our contextual search engine. For instance, office towers greater than one million sq. ft. share a variety of common problem's, whether it's risers, HVAC control systems or elevators. Through interconnectivity via RE-Summit, Operations Manager's for office towers of this size are able to share their experience's and search for solutions within a dedicated "knowledge pool." Greater operational efficiencies can be achieved through this form of shared information.

RE-Summit Sponsors

The RE-Summit Community system allows for open or private communities. In keeping with our Operations Manager example, manufactures of a particular HVAC control system would be able to host a PCN (Private Communications Network) on RE-Summit. This private encrypted forum could be restricted to synchronously or asynchronously interaction with their clientele. 

This product and technical support forum could be an ongoing event throughout the year. Given the considerable cost of attending traditional conferences, this web based approach is a far more timely and cost effective means of monitoring the spectrum of expert and lay opinion. I sincerely hope you will take full advantage of this informative electronic resource.

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