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Benefits & Services™ a unique career site, which caters to real estate professional around the globe. Whether you're actively seeking a new position, or have a passive interest in knowing what's available - we invite you to register on the system.

The International Job Board has been designed exclusively for the real estate professional and is actively marketed internationally to the industry at-large.

Why post your resume with us? - Apart from the fact it's free!

Here's why:
Instant Access To Employers
Our "apply online" feature makes it easy for candidates
and employers to communicate directly.

Expand Your Exposure is a vertical market B2B and P2P portal targeting all aspects of the commercial real estate industry. exposes you to a whole new world of active and passive
employment opportunities. Plus, with our "Job Notification" service, which informs you by e-mail of job listings that meet your preferred criteria, your odds of identifying key opportunities is significantly increased.

More Qualified Employers caters to the commercial real estate industry as a whole. Actively marketed to hundreds of potential employers in major global markets, your able to tap into an ever widening array of
active and hidden career opportunities. For instance, employer's are able to register search agents within our data base in order to be notified as to when a candidate with unique skills registers on our system. (Please note, this feature doesn't over-ride the confidentiality blocks you've registered on the system.)

Not Actively Looking, But Wish To Be Kept Aware Of Opportunities?
Two basic strategies for the passive job seeker to use the International Job Board system:

1. Manage Your Industry Profile By Publishing
Do you have a base of knowledge or unique point of view that you're willing to share with your contemporaries? Have you always wanted to be a panelist at an industry forum but was never asked? As a 'metameadiary' portal, incorporating content, product information, virtual communities, transactional and enterprise management services, gives you a variety of effective ways to drive interested employers and recruiters to your resume listing. You can call more attention to yourself by participating in the REmatrix Community Forums on industry issues, or becoming a resource in our Functional Knowledge Warehouse or submitting a paper to our Research Channel. Do not discount the power of this form of passive networking, headhunters and recruiters constantly scour publications and directories for candidates.
Submissions to should be sent to 

2. Register And Install A Notification Agent
You can be passive, and yet take charge in the management of sourcing career opportunities by enabling the REmatrix International Job Board search engine to notify you of opportunities that meet your parameters. A common response to a recruiter's call is'
"I'm not actively looking to make a change, but if the right opportunity came along that meet these parameters - I'll give it serious consideration." Let all recruiter's know what you consider to be your next career move. 

A Cost-Effective Solution For You & Employers
With a significantly lower cost-per-hire than traditional recruiting methods, helps employers decrease their recruiting costs while increasing the quality and number of candidates available for consideration. Seeking an opportunity across country or internationally? - accessing a database of national and international job listings is the most effective means of beginning your search.

Put the power of to work for you today by registering in our International Job Board!

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