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Prevailing Wisdom

There is a predictability to the direction of cycles when one is able to measure the markets "prevailing wisdom" and perceptions.

The strategy to develop, acquire and dispose of real estate requires a combination of careful analysis and an adept sense of timing. The understanding of economic cycles, as well as knowing where a given property type's value is in relation to the local investment market cycle - is central to a timing strategy.

REmatrix supports a collaborative discussion group, whereby real estate professionals may discuss relevant economic drivers related to the North American cities indicated below. To access this discussion - Link Here.

REmatrix also supports an assessment survey, which attempts to gauge where each city is within its investment market cycle. Link only on the cities where you have the greatest familiarity - final results for each market will be published December 31, 2007, however you will be able to view the current results in real time. Non-participants will be able to view survey results by the middle of February 2008.

To establish a survey of cities in Europe, Australia, South America, Asia and the Pacific - please link here indicating the requested city.

Our survey approach is a qualitative forecasting tool using the Delphi technique of surveying experts that are knowledgeable of a specific region. The survey aggregates real estate professional's into a "jury of opinion" as to investment cycle for industrial, office, retail and multi-family residential. It is open to real estate investment brokers, investment managers, acquisition executives, asset managers, commercial lenders and developers that specialize in institutional grade investment quality transactions.

To participate, we ask that you select a city in which you have the greatest knowledge, press the link and request a link to the survey. We will be asking you to identify your functional expertise - investment broker, owner, lender, etc. in order that these variables may be included in our overall analysis.

Participants will receive a return email from us, asking for verification of participation. Upon verification, respondents will be able to see current results in real-time, and a more thorough analysis by email once the survey dead-line is closed. Once we establish an acceptable control group, we hope to monitor the investment cycle in each market on a quarterly basis.

To sponsor a city survey, please contact our President.

 Our general investment market cycle surveys are accessible to any and all real estate professionals. Results are an aggregation of their opinions in general, however we do publish upon request, a more detailed analysis incorporating various functional variables. Our general surveys are for interest only, and should not be used as a basis for investment decisions. 

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